Farmhouse Bedroom

I am so in love with the farmhouse look and the white furniture, which being a farm and all is crazy but with good housekeeping such a beautiful look.  I had to have a farmhouse bedroom.  My bedroom was so outdated completed in browns and tans which once was the style and so beautiful. 

Whenever redoing a room you have to pick one piece that you really love and then the rest is matched up to it.  For me it was picking my bed set.  I am so, so picky it literally took a month of searching to find the one that I loved.  I ended up finding an ombre bed set.  Gray and white.  it was perfect.  Next I ordered a statement piece, I found this at Walls of Wisdom.  I had my husband hang it.  I had a window that my aunt had given me that I wanted to incorporate.  It was red, I busted out the glass spray painted with chalk white hung it then completed with a cotton wreath.  And of course every room needs a throw blanket.  I found a gray fuzzy one that I fight with my dogs over, if it is left unattended it is almost guaranteed a Chihuahua is all snuggled up in it.

With all these pieces my bedroom was not only inviting but slowly becoming my escape from a hectic day, a place I could retreat to whenever I needed to relax.

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