Family Heirloom

My Great Grandma gave me a cedar chest when I turned 16, this was given to her by her Great Grandmother when she turned 16. My father was going to refurbish it for me but life happens and it just never got done. I brought it home and another carpenter friend took it to redo it for me and sadly it returned home with the same results that I had from my father.

Recently I was sitting on the couch thinking about how to put something around my bed for my dog to get up that didn’t look boring like steps, and I recalled this wonderful peace that needed some love and that it was time I do something with it before I end up having a 16 year old Great Granddaughter and have to pass it on.

Before with all hardware and top off

Originally I wanted it refurbished in the way it was given to me and that just is not my style the sanded down, re-stained, & re-varnished way. I decided to go to my reliable solution to mostly all things Chalk Paint. I did two coats. It really gave the cedar chest a new look and made all the hardware just pop beautifully.

After painting I glazed it lightly and wiped it off with a t-shirt rag. My bedroom is gray and white and I though this would really be another unique twist to this classic piece.

Next I recruited my son to reinstall the rest of the hardware. We put the wheels on the bottom and then the lid. I added some silencers to the edge of the lid. And the last thing left to do was put it in its new home so Lucy can jump up on the bed without ugly steps in my bedroom.

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