“Duct tape Paint fixes everything.”

Paint is magical. It takes any tired, boring looking wall, object, building, etc… and transforms it instantaneously. It is one of the greatest feelings for me.

I am redoing a bedroom and lots of paint was a big part of the renovation. My favorite piece from this was my old dresser now with a new look.

Boring outdated dresser that does not match my new bedroom theme.

The transformation is breathtaking and was real simple. I removed all handles and drawers. Then lightly sanded dresser and drawers and I did not put much effort in to the sanding at all. After sanding I was ready for paint. I used Rust-oleum chalk paint. I was so happy when Rust-oleum started making chalk paint it is way cheaper than some other brands out there. Chalk paint is also the easiest to use amongst all other kinds, hands down. After painting two coats I sanded around the edges to give it a distressed look.

After distressing I waited for 8 hours as instructed on the can, and then put a protective topcoat on. Rust-oleum Matte Clear. The top coat needed two hours drying time. After the drying time I installed handles back on drawers and put them back in the dresser.

Finished Product

It really transformed the whole room. I can’t wait to show to guests.

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